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        The Sky is the Limit!  Literally. 


      Geaux Pyro provides events with an unforgettable "WOW" factor! From small to large, private to corporate, Geaux Pyro will surely Elevate your Celebrate!


      With safety being first priority followed by attention to detail, rest assured as the owner/ lead operator is also a professional:

  • Firefighter/EMT

  • Fire Prevention Officer (Inspector/Investigator)

  • Indoor and Outdoor Licensed Pyrotechnician

  • U.S. Marine Veteran

     Geaux Pyro is licensed, insured and handles all permitting.  We adhere to the highest standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association to ensure the safety of you and your audience. 



Meet Pyro

     Pyro is the artistic brains behind our fireworks productions.  He dreams day and night about how he can "WOW" his fans with never before seen fireworks musicals and choreographed displays!      

Geaux Pyro Fireworks
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