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Memorable Events

The emotions created by the visual arts of our pyrotechnic displays allows us to create memories that will last a lifetime. YOUR BRAND can be a part of these memories!

Media Coverage

With events like these media coverage is a breeze.  Geaux Pyro goes on media tours to let the public know the when, where and WHO sponsored the show.

Giving Back

Most events are charitable.  When fireworks are advertised it increases ticket sales which in turn increases profits to the benificiaries.

Local Exposure

We do our best to plug YOUR BRAND into events in your local target rich area.  If no such event exists we can create one.

We were surprised to find out how affordable a display was...

The return on investment from working with Geaux Pyro seemed to well outperform my typical billboard campaign.

  Fireworks are the climax of the event.  People leave with that lasting impression of what my company brought them.

Thinking Outside the Box

How are your advertising dollars working for you?


We feel that a fireworks extravaganza is a great and effective way to impact your audience.


Geaux Pyro specializes in high impact displays and delivers the best "bang" for your brand!

Traditional forms of advertisment

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