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The Worlds Only Full-time Firefighter and Marine Vet. Owned and Operated Pyrotechnics Display Company

This fireworks display is very special!  It has been choreographed by Pyro himself!  It comes with everything you need to pull off a 10 minute non stop fireworks display.  Includes his easy to follow instructions and fusing connectors. Thats right, light one fuse and back away to a safe viewing position to enjoy your show!  Pyro designed this choreographed display using the same high tech computer systems used in his professional public shows like "Deck the Park with Pyrotechnics".  We enusre that it has a desireable structure such as an opener, main body and finale like no other!  If you still want more, we recommend purchasing more than one of these shows and setting them up about 50 yards apart and ignited at the same time to shoot in sync.  If your budget exceeds this option contact us for a free display design consiltation.

Pyro's 10min. Choreographed Show

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